Falling Hard For Stassi Rossi

Stassi Rossi is out for a run as is Stirling Cooper. They pass one another and when Stirling pivots to look at who this provocative blonde darling is, he stumbles over his own feet and goes down. Stassi sees that and goes to him. It’s not her issue he succumbed to her but rather she feels terrible and needs to help. She welcomes him over to her place down the road so she can keep an eye on him. Back at her home, she tidies up Stirling’s scratch and when he stands up, she sees that he has a woody. That is certainly Stassi’s deficiency.

Happy to see it, Stassi takes his oopsy-daisy close by and gives him a reprimanding. Who could oppose a penis massage from Stassi? Stirling wedges his cockerel between her gigantic boobs and screws her tits. An anxious for-more Stassi plants her enormous, succulent ass all over and bobs her goods cheeks. She brings down her body and puts his cockerel up her pussy. Screwing him hard the cowgirl way, Stassi turns around and rides him some more.

Stirling plants his face again between Stassi’s renowned ass…

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