Goes Dredd For The First Time

Katalina Kyle makes her victorious re-visitation of JulesJordan.com! In the wake of intriguing Jules with her dick-taking capacity in her cavort with Manuel, Katalina takes the MONSTER rooster challenge when she gets together with Dredd. She’s wearing a transparent dark to-that doesn’t shroud her goliath juggs alongside crotchless white stockings and a small strap. Dredd plays with her titties and sucks on her areolas prior to pulling out his monster dick. Katalina’s grin goes from ear to ear when she sees that enormous chicken and she twists down so she can fold her tits over it for a speedy boobjob. Presently rock hard, Katalina takes Dredd’s tree-trunk cockerel in her mouth and endeavors to gulp down the entire thing! They head inside to the room where Dredd venerates her astonishing ass while licking her pussy then Katalina sucks his dick again to prepare it for her wet pussy. Dredd causes her slide off her undies in doggy at that point draws nearer as his bores his dong profound into her tight grab. She shouts “That is the BIGGEST rooster I’ve ever had in my pussy” as Dredd pounds her quicker and harder while Katalina comes to back to spread her opening fully open to oblige his size. He makes her cum everywhere on his cockerel from the profound dicking then pulls his pony chicken out so Katalina can wipe it off and taste her cum. Dredd sets down on the bed so Katalina can hop on top of the mountain that is his dick and ride it profound before Dredd takes control and drill her pussy hard. Katalina inclines forward so her monstrous tits spread Dredd’s face as her rails her hard until she cums over and over. Like the great skank she is, Katalina clears that cockerel off again prior to mounting him again to proceed with the pussy beating. Dredd flips her into to spoon so he can play with her tits while being balls somewhere down in her pussy then they get into teacher so he can desolate her pussy some more. Katalina drops to her knees and gives Dredd a rimjob until his beast rooster detonates cum everywhere all over! I think we’ll be seeing significantly more of this indecent skank.

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